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Dream Girls Batch of 2024

Shawnte Petetan

Shawnte Petetan seamlessly juggles her roles as a Property Manager and Secretary of DG4Life, Inc., a testament to her organizational prowess and versatile skill set. With a professional demeanor that balances efficiency with approachability,

Heading 4

Hello! I'm Shawnte, a 14-year-old girl full of curiosity and enthusiasm for life. I’m currently in the 9th grade at Jefferson High School, where I enjoy exploring a wide range of subjects, from science to literature. My friends describe me as creative, empathetic, and always up for an adventure. I live with my parents, my younger brother, and our adorable dog, Max, who never fails to brighten my day.


Books are my escape into different worlds. I particularly enjoy fantasy novels and historical fiction. My favorite series is Harry Potter, and I can often be found with my nose in a book, losing track of time.

Drawing and Painting:

Art is my passion. I love sketching landscapes and painting vibrant portraits. My room is filled with my art pieces, and I’m always experimenting with new techniques and materials. I dream of one day having my own art exhibition.


I’m an active member of my school’s soccer team. Playing soccer helps me stay fit, build teamwork skills, and meet new friends. The thrill of a well-executed game and the camaraderie with my teammates make it one of my favorite activities.



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