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Helping The Future By Educating The Present

Raven M.

"Dream Girls taught me how to be a teenager in this day and age without conforming to the standards of those around me. This program helped me build my relationship with God, my family, and respect for all of God’s children. I feel every young man and young lady should experience all the life lessons DG4Life has to offer such as: Time Management, Money Matters, and the Gala which allows your family to join in the experience with you."

Dream Girls & Distinguished Gentlemen

DG4Life, Inc.’s foundational program for teenage girls and boys is D.R.E.A.M. Girls and Distinguished Gentlemen. Our goal is to train, develop and encourage teenagers on the virtues of abstinence and social graces while building self-esteem, wholesome character traits and life-skills within teens through instruction and mentoring.  It also helps them identify their God-given talents, become caring citizens through community service, good students, and international travel.

Program Details

  • Training and encouragement of teen girls to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. (8 month training – one day a month)

  • Instill poise and charm with confidence in social graces (etiquette) along with personal grooming skills.

  • Assist each young lady with the necessary life-skills and assessments to discover their purpose in life.

  • Encourage college attendance and graduation through mentoring.

  • An environment in which each young lady and young man will develop key character attributes by becoming a Woman/Man of Honor.

Register For A Program

Choose the program you are interested in.

Instruction on Etiquette, Character Building and Social Graces to Grades 1 – 12 within school districts and charter schools.

Weekly classes are held within the course of the day and/or as an After School program

School Programs

Training for all ages on Social Graces, Etiquette, Manners and Charm.


Training provided on a one-to-one basis as well as in group sessions.

Etiquette Training

Workshops, seminars, and retreats are provided on a scheduled basis of topics such as: Your Mission in Life (Teens and Adults); Parenting Your Child/Teen; Grooming with Grace; Dressing for Success; Prom Etiquette, Sexual Awareness for the 21st Century; and more!!


Life coaching to assist youth in achieving their goals as they move toward successes


Assist in the foster care system to help teens in the foster care system be all they can be with the support of DG4Life. Our training prepares fostered teenagers for the life after transitioning out of the foster care system. Training on continuing their education, basic housing skills, financial literacy, time management, goal- setting, discovering their purpose, and more.

Foster Support

Other Programs

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